79 152 DAPPER, OLFERT. View of Jerusalem. Large folded engraving, hand-colored in brilliant hues. Margins trimmed. Unexamined out of frame. 15.5 x 42.5 inches (39.3 x 108 cm). [Laor 999.] Amsterdam, 1677. $2000 - $3000 153 HOGENBE RG, F R A NS & GEORG BR AU N. Jerusalem, et suburbia eius sicut tempore Christi floruit. Two hand-colored, double-page engraved plans, here in two separate sheets. Unexamined out of frame. 15 x 19.25 inches (each) to mat. [Laor 1041.] Cologne, first edition 1572, (or later). $1500 - $2500 ❧ From: Georg Braun and Frans Hogenburg “Civitates Orbis Terrarum,” Cologne, 1572, Vol. IV, pp. 58-59. The first realistic atlas of town plans and views (as opposed to the Ptolemaic and other figurative versions) - nonetheless, the structures here are depicted as 16th century European structures. In addition there are 270 numbered and captioned scenes, displaying sites and events recorded in the Bible, as well as other historical sources. As the extended title indicates, the map was compiled by Adrichom depicting Jerusalem at the time of Jesus. Braun and Hogenberg republished it with a change in the orientation. The original map, with a horizontal format, was oriented with the west at top. In the Civitates, the map was rotated to a vertical format, placing north at top. The whole was composed in an interesting non-perspective viewpoint.