25 51 (DENMARK). A.A. Wolf. Tvende Prædikener i Anledning af Kong Frederik den Syvendes. Død og Bisættelse holdte i Synagogen den 21. November og den 19. December 1863. Uncut and unopened. pp. 40. Stained. Original black (mourning) wrappers. 8vo. Copenhagen, G. Triers, 1863. $500 - $700 ❧ Preached by the community’s revered rabbi, Abraham Alexander Wolf (1801-91), this sermon eulogizes King Frederick VII (1808- 63), the last absolute monarch of Denmark. Following his reign the country became a constitutional monarchy. 52 ELIJAH, GAON OF VILNA. Ayil Meshulash [mathematics - especially, the properties of triangles and the rules of astronomy and algebra]. Edited by Samuel ben Joseph of Luknick. FIRST EDITION. Numerous mathematical textual diagrams. ff. (7), 31. Touch foxed. Modern boards. 4to. [Vinograd, Vilna 278; Vinograd, Gr’a 862.] Vilna and Horodna, Menachem Mann-Simcha Zimel, 1833. $1000 - $1500 ❧ In this work the Gaon of Vilna drew upon his extensive knowledge of mathematics and the natural sciences. He viewed such knowledge as an aid to Torah study and disapproved of the lack of interest in secular sciences that was widespread among Talmudic scholars of the time. The title is a play on the words in Genesis 15:9, “A ram of three years” (in Hebrew, “meshulash” is also the word for triangle). 50 (DENMARK). Cantate og Psalmer ved Sørge-Gudstjenesten i den mosaiske Synagoge, i Anledning af Höisalig Kong Frederik den Sjettes Bisættelse den 16de Januar 1840. Text in Hebrew and Danish on facing pages. pp. 15. Browned. Original printed wrappers, light wear. 8vo. Copenhagen, S. Triers, (1840). $500 - $700 ❧ Ceremony marking the coronation of King Christian Frederick VIII (1786-1848) following the death of his father, Frederick VI in December, 1839. The Jewish community of Copenhagen marked the occasion with a synagogue service that mourned the passing of the old monarch and the hope that their new ruler would be equally benevolent.