61 129 (ABUHATZEIRA, YA’AKOV). Miscellaneous treatises on the laws of Shechitah (ritual slaughter). Includes a document with the autograph signature of R. Ya’akov Abuhatzeira (the Abir Ya’akov). Hebrew manuscript, written in North African semi-cursive scripts, dark brown ink on paper. Formerly in the library of the London Beth Din (ms.149). ff. (136). Stained, few marginal tears, final leaves repaired. Modem morocco. 8vo. [Not in Neubauer.] Morocco, 19th century. $15,000 - $20,000 ❧ R. Ya’akov ibn Masoud Abuhatzeira (the Abir Ya’akov, 1806-80) was one of the greatest sages of North Africa. Renowned for his deep piety, followers streamed to him for his blessings. He was a prolific author both in Kabbalah and Halacha and many of his works have been published by his descendants in Jerusalem. He is the grandfather of the venerated Baba Sali, R. Israel Abuhatzeira (1889–1984). The signature by R. Ya’akov Abuhatzeira in this manuscript is identical to that of the autograph letter found in the National Library of Israel, Ms. Oct. 5529. CONTENTS: * I: Fols. lr-93v: Ta’amei Halachoth. Explanations of the laws of Shechitah and Terefoth based upon R. Joseph Karo’s Shulchan Aruch (Yoreh De’ah, 15-58). Incomplete at end. The author cites, among others, R. Solomon Shoshanah, a rabbi in Marrakech at the close of the 18th century. * II: Fols. 94r-95r: Three permits to perform Shechitah issued to Jacob ben Makhluf Zano in 1851-55). The first permit was signed by R. Shalom Mashsash(?); the second by YA’AKOV IBN MASOUD ABUHATZEIRA on 13th Shevat 1855, and the third by Rabbis Masoud ben Menahem Mazal-Tarim, Isaac ben Elijah Mazal-Tarim and Makhluf ben Mordecai, one week later on 20th Shevat. * III: Fols. 95v-106r: Laws of Shechitah and Bedikah in the form of questions and answers. * IV: Fols. 106v-109r: Additional laws on the same subject. * V: Fols. 110r-113r: Mekoman shel zevachim. Laws of Shechitah in rhyme by David ben Aaron Hassin. * VI: Fols. 113r-130v: Short treatises on laws of Shechitah according to the custom of Marrakech. * VII: Fols. 131r-136v: Another treatise on the same matter in a different hand, incomplete and bound out of order. Fols. 131-136 were copied by Judah ben David Ifragan in 1844 according to the colophon found on fol. 132v. PROVENANCE: Christie’s, New York, Important Hebrew Manuscripts from the Library of the London Beth Din, June 1999, Lot 47.