71 142 SOFER, MOSHE (THE CHASAM SOFER). Autograph Manuscript. Torah commentary to Parshiyoth Vayetzei - Mikeitz. Two full pages written on a large singe leaf extracted from a notebook, approx. 45 lines per page. Sheet size 11.5 x 17.5 inches (29.2 x 44.5 cm). Laid loose into lavish custom portfolio. (Mattersdorf / Pressburg), n.d. $25,000 - $30,000 ❧ Rabbi Moses Sofer (The Chasam Sofer) was one of the most outstanding rabbinic leaders of the late 18th- early 19th-centuries. His qualities of moral character, humility and justice, alongside his profound scholarship and leadership, has created some two centuries later, a deeply venerated aura surrounding his personality. His responsa, novellae and sermons enjoyed unprecedented praise and respect and are to this day assiduously consulted by all Jews universally. The novellae by the Chasam Sofer in this manuscript appear in Torath Moshe HaShalem (Jerusalem, 1995) WITH SLIGHT VARIATIONS. Due to the Chasam Sofer’s saintly reputation, his legion of descendants (who proliferated into Europe’s most prominent Rabbinic families) deem original handwritten material composed by this sage to be imbued with an ineluctable level of holiness that serves as both a source of spiritual protection and of blessing.