14 31 ALBO, JOSEPH. Sepher Ikarim [philosophy]. Prominent printers device on title (Ya’ari, Hebrew Printers’ Marks no. 6). Initial letters of opening word in white-on-black decorative vignettes surrounded by historiated engraved border-piece. Few marginal notes in an early hand. ff. (154). Ex-library, few stains in places, title-page worn with taped repair on left margin. Modern calf. 4to. [Vinograd, Rimini 4; Mehlman 1191.] Rimini, Gershom Soncino, 1522. $4000 - $5000 ❧ Albo’s Sepher Ikarim presented religious-philosophical problems in a form that was accessible and comprehensible to all. For a brief examination of Albo’s philosophies and the thinkers upon whose ideas he built, see I. Zinberg, A History of Jewish Literature, Vol. III (1974) pp. 233-39: “It is a popular work, permeated with the heartfelt accents of the inspired preacher.” 32 ALSHEICH, MOSES. Masa’ath Moshe [commentary to the Book of Esther, with text]. FIRST EDITION. Five woodcut illustrations on f. 83v depicting characters from the Esther narrative. ff. 86. Trimmed, variously worn and stained, ff. 18-21 soiled, final leaf with taped repair along upper margin. Modern boards. 8vo. [Vinograd, Venice 931]. Venice, Daniel Zanetti, 1601. $1000 - $1500 ❧ The illustrations representing the four principle characters of the Esther story (King Ahasuerus, Haman, Mordechai and Queen Esther) had in fact been taken from di Gara’s Hagadah printed two years earlier. The fifth illustration was originally to represent the Passover Seder. Here it has been retitled to represent visitors bringing gifts of food (Mishloach Manoth) to celebrants seated at a Purim Banquet. See M. Friedman, Transplanted Illustrations in Jewish Printed Books, in: Jewish Art (1988) Vol. XIV pp. 44-55. 33 (ANGLO-JUDAICA) F.D. Mocatta. The Jews of Spain and Portugal and the Inquisition. Translated from English into Hebrew by J.B. (Israel Dov) Frumkin. FIRST HEBREW EDITION. Hebrew text with additional title- page in English. Titles printed on orange-colored paper. UNIQUELY BOUND in olive-wood boards tooled with central Star-of-David around which the title of the work is provided in Hebrew. pp. 82. Brittle. 12mo. Jerusalem, 1878. $1200 - $1800 ❧ Stemming from a notable Anglo-Jewish family, Frederick David Mocatta (1828–1905) a financier and philanthropist, was also a patron of learning and himself an author of historical works, the present text being particularly well regarded. His fine library formed the basis of the collections which are now included in the Mocatta Library, located at University College, London. Due to the exquisite nature of this particular copy, it is likely it belonged to the author himself.