60 127 (ZIONISM). MASSIVE ARCHIVE OF AUTOGRAPH MATERIALS featuring more than one hundred noted public figures. Approx. 1,500 items, written in Hebrew, English, German Yiddish and Arabic. Spanning the entire spectrum of Zionist history into the dawn of Israel’s independence and leadership of the State over subsequent decades. Primarily includes politicians, but also communal and religious leaders, writers and many others. Includes: Autograph and Typed Letters Signed, signed photographs and books, documents and much ephemera. v.p, v.d. $20,000 - $25,000 ❧ Gathered over a great many decades by the late collector Robert J. Cohen of the Bronx, NY. Reflects the biographic history of Zionism and and the unique personages who contributed materially and spiritually to the building of the State of Israel. Includes: Agnon, Arlosoroff, Allenby, Bialik, Brandeis, Buber, Ben-Zvi, Begin (extensive), Balfour, Ben-Gurion (many), Dayan, Dizengoff, Eshkol, Theodor Herzl, Jabotinsky, Rav Kook, Katznelson, Golda, Mohilever, Montefiore, Nordau, Rabin, Sokolov, Trumpeldor, Ussishkin, Weizmann (many), Tchernichovsky, etc. GENERAL LIST AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST. 128 (RABBINIC SCHOLARS). Archive of c. 215 letters (mostly autograph, few typed) all signed, by rabbis and scholars connected to the Rabbinical Seminary of Breslau, and sent to Wilhelm Bacher and Ludwig Blau, the directors of the Rabbinical Seminary of Budapest. Mostly written in German, but also in Hungarian, Hebrew, French, Greek and English. v.p, 1890-1940. $2000 - $3000 ❧ A most interesting trove of scholarly correspondence over a broad era relating to Wissenschaft des Judentums. Among the writers are historians, poets, Zionists, rabbis and scholars of rabbinic and Semitic studies. All manner of topics are discussed: Hebrew and Aramaic philology, manuscript research, inscriptions, publications of monographs, encyclopedias, bibliography, personal relationships, and Jewish communal issues. Included are correspondence from: Micha Josef Berdyczewski, Umberto Cassuto, Arnold B. Ehrlich, David Farbstein, Aron Freimann, Jakob Guttmann, Azriel Hildesheimer, Benno Jacob, Fritz Kahn, George Alexander Kohut, Samuel Krauss, Heinrich Laible, Leopold Lucas, Adolf Salvendi, Sigmund Seeligmann and dozens more. LIST OF CORRESPONDENTS AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST.