78 149 BONFRERIUS, JACOBUS. “Tabula Geographica Terræ Sanctæ.” Hand-colored copperplate, two sheets conjoined. 10 x 27.7 inches (25.4 x 70.5 cm). [Laor 118.] Amsterdam, 1717. $500 - $700 ❧ From: Eusebius, Kanaän en d’omleggende landen…[Onomasticon], Leeuwarden, François Halma, 1717, p. 424. This map is a reduced-scale map of Bonfrerius’ original published in 1631. 150 BOROWSKY, GEORG J. “Prospekt der heutigen Stadt Jerusalem.” Double-page hand-colored copperplate view of Jerusalem. 16 x 22 inches (40.6 x 8.7 cm). [Laor 963.] Vienna, c. 1760. $600 - $900 ❧ Fine panoramic plan-view of the city of Jerusalem. Fifty-seven important religious sites and events are numbered and keyed to German text panels below. Probably drawn after Zwinner Electus’ view of Jerusalem, beginning of the 18th century. 151 BUENTING, HEINRICH. “Thet Helighe Landzens Taffla/ tienglih til anie testamentent.” Woodcut map with Old Swedish text. 12 x 15 inches (30.5 x 38 cm). Stockholm, 1595. $500 - $700 ❧ From: Heinrich Buenting, Itinerarium Sacrae Scripturae, published by Andreas Gutterwitz (Old Swedish edition). Map of Israel during Biblical times, divided into three regions: Galilee, Samaria and Judea. Outlines the shoreline from Sidon through Gaza with Biblical locations marked such as Jerusalem and Jericho. Text accompanying the map describes where Zecharis, the father of John the Baptist, lived. This is one of ten maps by Buenting (1545-1606) in which he rewrote the Bible as an illustrated travel book. — Ma p s o f t h e Ho l y La n d —