43 92 (MISHNAH) Ohaloth [ritual impurity of corpses]. FIRST EDITION with commentary by R. Gershon Chanoch Leiner of Radzyn. ff. (4), 273. Foxed. Contemporary boards. Folio. Pietrokov, Shlomo Balchatovski, 1903. $500 - $700 ❧ R. Gershon Chanoch Leiner (1839-91) the innovative Chassidic Rebbe of Radzyn (known as the Ba’al HaTecheleth) composed an anthology of all rabbinic material extant on the Mishnayoth of Seder Taharoth. Although the author completed his work on the entire Order, only Tractates Ohaloth and Keilim were published - his writings on the other Tractates were lost during the Holocaust. 93 NINIYO, JACOB SHE’ALTIEL. Emeth LeYa’akov [Kabbalah]. Includes liturgical meditations and responsa by R. Shalom Sharabi (f. 105b, 112b etc.), R. Yom Tov Algazi (f. 101a-b) and others. Title-page with AUTOGRAPH INSCRIPTION SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR to Yitzhak Cardozo. ff. (5), 145,(1). Lightly browned. Modern marbled boards. Folio. [Vinograd, Livorno 936; Yaari, Shluchei Eretz Yisrael, pp. 75-6.] Livorno, Aschkenazi Brothers, 1843. $300 - $500 ❧ Rabbi Yaakov She’altiel Nino (1800-c.1849) was born in Jerusalem and grew up in the shadow of the great Beit-El kabbalists. He was sent overseas by the Tiberias community on fundraising missions and developed a reputation of great saintliness. 94 (NORWAY). Henrik Wergeland. Indlœg i jødesagen, til, understøttelse for forslaget om ophœvelse af Norges Grundlovs [Par.] 2, sidste Passus [“The Jewish Case in Support of the Proposal for the Abolition of the Norwegian Constitution’s Second Paragraph.”] FIRST EDITION. Text in Norwegian. pp. vi, 98, (1). Lightly foxed. Recased, retaining original upper printed cover. 8vo. Oslo, P.T. Mallings, 1841. $700 - $1000 ❧ Henrik Wergeland (1808-45) was a pioneer in developing a distinctly Norwegian literary heritage and modern culture. Wergeland also campaigned intensely for Norway to abolish the 'Jødeparagrafen' the second paragraph of Norway’s constitution, written in 1814, which banned Jews from settling in the country. Finally, in 1851, years after Wergeland’s death, the Norwegian parliament deleted the article from the constitution, thereby lifting the ban against Jews, who were thus awarded religious rights on a par with Christian dissenters. 95 (PARODY). Baruch Halevi Yafith. Mein Zeydeh's Hagodeh, oder a Pogrom oyf dem Afikoman [satirical Passover Hagadah]. With notes by "Ma'aseh Alfas" [pseudonym of Benzion Alfas]. FIRST EDITION. Yiddish text. pp. 40. Browned. Original marbled boards. 8vo. Vilna, Rosenkranz and Schriftsetzer, 1908. $300 - $500 ❧ A celebration of Jewish history through the ages and the miracle of Jewish survival despite recurrent anti-Semitism. Footnotes in Hebrew refer to Rabbinic literature. The author, Benzion Alfas (1850-1940), was a student of the famed "kibbutz" of Eishishok and of the Gaon's kloiz in Vilna. See Leksikon fun der Nayer Yidisher Literatur, Vol. I (1956) cols. 118-120.