49 105 (TALMUD, BABYLONIAN). Masecheth Berachoth. Edited and translated into German by E.M. Pinner. FIRST EDITION. Hebrew and German face `a face. Hebrew and German titles in red and black. Full-page dedication to Czar Nicholas I, and six page list of subscribers including Royalty ff. (4), 32, (2), 24, 149. Light stains. Later boards. Tall folio. [Yeshiva University Museum Catalogue, Printing the Talmud (2005) pp. 122-23; Rabbinovicz pp. 246-8;] Berlin, 1842. $150 - $250 ❧ ACCOMPANIED BY: Masecheth Berachoth. Edited and translated into German by E.M. Pinner. Second edition. Bound in Valmadonna marbled boards. Berlin, 1858. 106 TZAHALON, ABRAHAM. Marpe LaNephesh [a commentary to Isaac Luria’s Tikunei Nephesh]. FIRST EDITION. ff. 20,1. Lightly stained. Modern calf-backed marbled boards. Sm. 4to [Vinograd, Venice 806; Habermann, di Gara 152.] Venice, Giovanni di Gara,1595. $600 - $900 ❧ The earliest published work of the the teachings of Isaac Luria; includes the rare final colophon leaf missing in most copies. The earliest published writings of the Ar’i were his liturgical hymns published in Yephe Nof (Venice 1575-80). Marpe LaNephesh however, constitutes his first published teachings as opposed to his mystical poems. 104 (TALMUD, BABYLONIAN). Masechta Nazir. With commentaries by Rashi, Tosaphoth, etc Title with signatures of previous owners, including: Aaron b. Yaakov Kopel, Dayan of Leipnik; Aaron b. Yitzchak of Leipnik (dated 1668); Mordecai b. Yaakov of Leipnik; Shmuel Zanvil b. Aaron HaKohen; and others. A wide-margined copy. ff. 66. Title page laid to size, some browning. Modern boards. Folio. [Vinograd, Lublin 122; Mehlman 155:4 (incomplete); Rabinovitz, Talmud pp. 85-91.] Lublin, Tzvi ben Abraham Kalonymus Jaffe, 1619. $2000 - $2500 ❧ This third printing of the entire Talmud was begun in Lublin in 1617 and completed in 1639, with a handful of Tractates printed in Hanau. See Heller, Printing the Talmud, pp. 345-58.