18 42 BACHIA BEN ASHER (Rabbeinu Bechaye). Biur al HaTorah [commentary to the Pentateuch]. Edited by Solomon Tzarphathi ben Peretz. Divisional title to each Book. Divisional titles of Shemoth and Vayikra surrounded by richly historiated borders complete with peacock, hunters, hounds and stags. Marginalia. ff. 270 (of 287). Provided in facsimile: Opening ten leaves, sig. 29:2 and 7, and final five leaves; a few words in facsimile in sig. 8:5, sig. 18:8, sig. 35:1 and 7-8. Stained in places, several leaves remargined or laid to size, few leaves provided from another copy. Modern blind-tooled morocco. Folio. [Vinograd, Naples 21; Offenberg 8; Goff Heb-6; Thesaurus A-74.] Naples, Azriel ben Joseph Aschkenazi Gunzenhauser, 1492. $40,000 - $60,000