13 29 ACHAI GAON. She’iltoth [homilies on Jewish law and ethics]. FIRST EDITION. With rare 4-leaf indices. Title within architectural arch. Initial words of the five divisions of the Chumash richly historiated. ff. 58, (4). Lightly foxed and stained in places, title remargined, previous owner’s marks. Recent boards. Sm. folio. [Vinograd, Venice 294.] Venice, Daniel Bomberg, 1546. $1000 - $1500 ❧ The first work attributed to an author subsequent to the close of the Talmudic era. Written for the thoughtful layman, this is a collection of homilies based upon the order of the weekly reading of the Torah and focusing upon moral duties and ethical law. 30 ADRET, SOLOMON IBN (RaSHB”A). Torath HaBayith HaKatzar [compendium of the author’s lengthier legal manual]. FIRST EDITION. Title within historiated woodcut architectural arch. Marginalia. ff. 72. Trimmed, stained in places. Modern calf. Sm. 4to. [Vinograd, Cremona 45; Mehlman 692]. Cremona, Vicenzo Conti, 1566. $1000 - $1500 ❧ The author was the broadly acknowledged leader of Spanish Jewry. His teachers were the two Geronese cousins Jonah ben Abraham (“Rabbenu Yonah”) and Nachmanides. It was particularly Nachmanides' method that Rashb”a continued: a fusion of the French Tosafists and the early Spanish luminaries 28 (A MER IC A N-JUDA IC A) (Advertising Poster). “Under Government and Rabbinical Inspection. / Zion Meat Products. / Kosher - Wholesome - Pure! / Zion National Kosher Sausage Factory.” Featuring the Zion Kosher label on flag-pole set against New York skyline. Framed. 11 x 21 inches (28 x 53 cm). Bronx, NY, c. 1940. $500 - $700 American Judaica: See also Lot 101 (AMERICAN-JUDAICA) See also Lot 101