112 212 GERMAN PEWTER PASSOVER TRAY. Extended rim engraved with names of the Hebrew months and corresponding symbol of the Zodiac. Center engraved with the Ten stages of the Seder-service set around the Decalogu, flanked by rampant lions and the Hebrew year corresponding to 1812. Diam: 15 inches (38 cm). Early 19th-century. $1200 - $1800 213 HUNGARIAN PORCELAIN PASSOVER TR AY. Raised molded rim, painted in colors depicting events of the Exodus narrative with appropriate Hebrew captions. Marked on verso (rubbed away) “Neumann Jonas Fiai Nyitrai Porcelanfesteszet.” Diam: 15 inches (38 cm). c. 1900. $1000 - $1500 214 DUTCH CERAMIC HOLIDAY DISH. Glazed and colorfully painted around central Hebrew words: “Rosh Hashanah.” Diam: 11 inches (28 cm). 19th-century. $3000 - $4000 ❧ For a similar Dutch Rosh Hashanah dish see Jewish Museum (NY) acc. no. F2978.