12 25 (AMERICAN-JUDAICA) “The New Jerusalem, Formerly New York.” From The Judge Magazine, Vol. 2, no. 39. Double panel color illustration by James Albert Wales. 14.5 x 21 inches (36 x 53 cm). New York, July 22nd, 1882. $600 - $900 ❧ Judge was a weekly magazine published in New York from 1881 until 1947. It was launched by artists who had seceded from its rival ‘Puck.’ This satiric depiction envisions Jews having taken over New York City: Soldiers with stereotypical Jewish features marching along ‘Levi Street’ (formerly Canal Street) with all store-fronts bearing by Jewish names. 26 (AMERICAN-JUDAICA) “Shpeyz Vet Gevenen die Krieg!” [“Food Will Win the War!”]. Yiddish text. Lithographed poster by CHARLES EDWARD CHAMBERS (1883-1941). 19 x 30 inches (48 x 76 cm). Framed. New York, (1917). $800 - $1200 ❧ This poster issued by the United States Food Administration engages in moral exhortation, intimating to newly-naturalized citizens that the way to repay America for its welcome-mat, is by supporting the Allies in the war effort: “You Came Here to Find Freedom, Now You Must Help Defend it. We Must Supply the Allies With Wheat. Waste Nothing.” See Judah L. Magnes Museum Catalogue, Witnesses to History: The Jewish Poster (1989) p. 16. 27 (AMERICAN-JUDAICA) (Poster). LaHaganat HaChofesh BaYam [“Defending the Freedom of the Seas.”] Hebrew text detailing the US Navy’s capabilities. Inset portrait of President Roosevelt. Framed. 16.5 x 23 inches (42 x 58.4 cm). n.p., c. 1941. $1000 - $1500