24 48 (CHASSIDISM) Aharon Shmuel ben Naphtali Hertz HaKohen Katz. VeTzivah HaKohen [Chassidic commentaries]. FIRST EDITION. Printed on green tinted paper. Title in red and black. ff. 2, 16, 20-77. Some staining and repaired worming, previous owner’s marks. Modern blind-tooled calf. 4to. [Vinograd, Sdeh-Lavan (Bialazerkow) 2; Stefansky, Chassiduth 193.] Sdeh-Lavan (Bialazerkow), 1823. $3000 - $5000 ❧ A disciple of R. Pinchas of Koretz and the Maggid of Mehzritch (both of whom he quotes profusely), the author (d. 1814) served as Rabbi of Stefan and Yampola. He was the son of the Rabbi of Ostraha and Sdeh-Lavan and great grandson of R. Naphtali Katz (author of Semichath Chachamim). R. Shimon Aschkenazi of Zelichov writes in his approbation here that he never gave approval to any author: “However when I visited Sdeh-Lavan to meet my teacher and master…R. Abraham Joshua Heschel of Apta, these holy writings were brought to me…my eyes lit up and these words were like sweet honey in my mouth.” See M.M. Biber, Mazkereth LeGedolei Ostraha (1907) pp. 254-60. RARE. One of only three works published in this Ukrainian town (whose name means "White Church.”) 49 (CHASSIDISM Sanz/Sadigora controversy). Together, four works bound in six volumes. * 1. Anonymous. Kenesseth HaGedolah VeDivrei Chachamim. pp. 1-32, 25-80. Lemberg, 1869. Complete as published. * With: Another copy. * 2. Mashpil Ge'im. pp. 16. Ungvar, n.d. * 3. Ma'amar Shever Posh'im. pp. (4), 32 (lacking pp. 27-30). Lemberg, 1869. FIRST EDITION. Rare. Most copies of this first edition were destroyed and it was later republished with other pamphlets under the name Yalkut HaRo’im (see next item). * 4. Rama”z. Yalkut HaRo'im. pp. 48. Odessa, 1869 (bottom of title page repaired). Plus sequel with a separate title page: Ma'amar Shever Posh'im. pp. 49-80. Odessa, 1870. Some wear. Modern boards. 8vo. v.p., v.d. $1000 - $1500 ❧ These volumes all concern themselves with the controversy between the two Galician Chassidic dynasties of Sanz and Sadigora. At the center of the controversy lies the tragic figure of R. Dov Baer Friedman of Liova, Moldovia (1817-76) - son of R. Israel Friedman, the famed Rebbe of Rizhin (and later Sadigora) - who turned from Chassidic Rebbe to Maskil. This act, seen as apostasy, brought down the wrath of R. Chaim Halberstam of Sanz upon the entire Rizhiner dynasty. When in turn, Nissan Bak and other Rizhiner Chassidim in Jerusalem declared a cherem on R. Chaim Halberstam, numerous outraged rabbinical figures (including many Mithnagdic rabbis) rose to the defense of their colleague, R. Chaim Halberstam, considered one of the "Poskei Hador." (Lengthier description available upon request). For details concerning this controversy, see Y. Raphael, Aresheth, Vol. VI pp. 211-21 and especially D. Assaf, Hezitz VeNifga (2012). Various attempts have been made to solve the mystery of the identity of the editor (Rama”z), see S. Chajes, Otzar Beduyei Hashem, p. 290 and Ch. Liberman, Ohel Rachel III, pp. 400-405 especially n. 8. Lot 48 Lot 49