68 139 KAGAN, ISRAEL MEIR (THE CHOFETZ CHAIM). Secretarial Letter Signed, in Hebrew, on letterhead stationery of “Israel Meir Hakohen, author ‘Chofetz Chaim’ and ‘Mishnah Berurah’” (Hebrew) and “Rabin I.M. Kagan, Radun” (Polish). Written to the “donors and lovers of Torah of Chevrath Tifereth Israel of Jersey City.” Thanking them for their donation of twenty dollars that was received via Rabbi Joseph Stern of New York. With the Chofetz Chaim’s blessing: “May God bestow upon you a multitude of blessings and success in all endeavors.” Chofetz Chaim’s personal stamp following his signature. One page (ruled lines), with integral blank leaf. 8vo. Radin, 3rd Cheshvan, 1922. $10,000 - $15,000 ❧ A fine letter, sent by the Chofetz Chaim to America, filled with his blessings. R. Israel Meir Kagan (1838-1933) is universally acclaimed as the pre-eminent Halachic decisor and ‘Tzaddik’ of the generation.