29 61 (HAGADAH). Agadath Mordechai…Hagadah shel Pesach. With commentary by Mordechai ben Joseph Hena of Hamburg. ff. (2), 32. Stained, fore-edges of opening leaves worn. Contemporary calf-backed marbled boards, worn. Folio. [Yudlov 239.] Amsterdam, Leib Sussmans, 1764. $300 - $500 62 (HAGADAH). Ma’aleh Beith Chorin. With commentaries. Fine copperplate engravings. With instructions in Hebrew, Judeo- German and some Ladino. ff. 51. Wine-stained, heavily so in the usual places, f.7 with tear affecting lower corner of image. Modern marbled boards. 4to. [Yudlov 543.] Vienna, Anton Schmid, 1813. $400 - $600 63 (HAGADAH). Hagadah shel Pesach. Issued for members of “Ha’oved HaKibbuci Dror Habonim” in Hungary. Non-traditional text, in Hungarian with much use of Hebrew. Profusely illustrated. Final leaf signed by Tzvi Cohn and Moshe Steiner. ff. 29. Mimeographed sheets, printed on one side. Original pictorial wrappers. Opens from the left. 8vo. (Hungary), (1946). $1000 - $1500 ❧ For such a primitive production, this localized Hagadah has high artistic and design standards. The illustrations depict the immigration to Eretz Israel by Jews recently freed from Nazi terror as a direct historical continuation of the Biblical Exodus from Egypt. Both Nazi as well as British officers are depicted as a source of terror to refugees. Unrecorded by Aviram Paz, Rare Passover Haggadahs from the 1940s (2015).