17 41 AZULAI, CHAIM YOSEPH DAVID (ChID”A). Sha’ar Yoseph [commentary to Talmudic Tractate Horayoth; final 40 leaves with responsa]. FIRST EDITION. With dedications in Spanish and Portuguese pp. 16, ff. 120, 40. Some staining, slight marginal worming not affecting text, previous owners’ stamps and signatures. Later boards, spine worn, loose. Folio. [Vinograd, Livorno 72.] Livorno, Antonio Santini, 1757. $400 - $600 ❧ The Chida’s first published work. Although he was 34 when this work was published it was actually written when the author was just 17 years old. According to Meir Benayahu (Rabbi H.Y.D. Azulai (1959) p. 186), the Sha’ar Yoseph was scarce even during the author’s life-time. Both the lengthy approbation by the Chida’s father, as well as the introduction, contain valuable biographical details. 40 ASCHKENAZI, TZVI HIRSCH (“The Chacham Tzvi.”) Shailoth U’Teshuvoth [responsa]. FIRST EDITION. ff.(1), 127. Previous owners’ inscriptions and stamps (including from the community of Ravitz), some staining, trace wormed, title remargined, outer corner of final leaf repaired. Recent boards. Sm. folio. [Vinograd, Amsterdam 956.] Amsterdam, Solomon Proops, 1712. $800 - $1200 ❧ An important and historically weighty volume of responsa. Includes such unusual issues as to whether a being (“Golem”) created via the Sepher Yetzirah may be counted towards a minyan (responsa no. 93).