36 80 (HOLOCAUST) Crimes Hitlériens: Grand Palais Exposition. FIRST EDITION. French text. Photographic illustrations throughout, especially relating to the French Resistance. Includes images from the Struthof concentration camp, tallies of deportations of French Jews, tallies of the numbers of forced laborers from France, etc. pp. (32). Original pictorial wrappers. Sm. folio. (Paris, 1945). $1000 - $1500 ❧ Catalogue of a huge exhibition sponsored by the newly liberated French government and held in Paris’s Grand-Palais, from June 10 until July 31, 1945. Includes chronology of the internment of Jews in the French camps of Pithiviers, Beuane-la-Rolande and Drancy, in the occupied zone; and at Gurs in Southwestern France under the rule of Vichy. It also provides a tally of deportations from Drancy to Germany. 81 (HOLOCAUST) Buchenwald Concentration Camp. A Letter Home by Col. Frank M.S. Miller. Text in English. Second edition. pp. 23. * WITH: Buchenwald. Les Horreurs des Camps de Torture Nazis. pp. 16. Together two publications, each with numerous photographic illustrations. Original printed and pictorial wrappers. 12mo and 4to. n.p, (1945). $400 - $600 82 (HOLOCAUST) Buchenwald Camp. The Report of a Parliamentary Delegation. pp. 8. Ex-library. Original printed wrappers, some wear and minor tears at edges. 8vo. London, His Majesty’s Stationery Office, 1945. $400 - $600 ❧ German concentration camp located outside Weimar, Buchenwald was liberated by American forces on April 11th 1945. Nine days later, a delegation of British Parliamentarians were sent by Winston Churchill to “have ocular and first-hand proof of (the) atrocities.” The delegates’ report closes: “We have endevoured to write with restraint and objectivity…(however) the memory of what we saw and heard at Buchenwald will haunt us ineffaceably for many years.” 83 (HOLOCAUST) Group of five publications issued by the Union O.S.E. With contemporary inscriptions by the editors. * Rapports sur la Situation des Juifs en Allemagne. Geneva, 1945. * Le Ghetto de Vilna. Geneva, 1946. * Les enfants de Buchenwald. With photographic illustrations. Geneva, 1946. * Mélanges dédiés au Dr Boris Arkadievitch Tschlenoff à l'occasion de son 80e anniversaire. Geneva, 1946. * I. Koralnik. In the Clutches of Famine. The Tragical [sic] Situation of Roumanian Jewry. Photographic illustrations. Geneva, 1947. Original printed wrappers. 4to. v.p, v.d. $300 - $500 ❧ OSE - Oeuvre de Secours aux Enfants (“The Society for the Health of the Jewish Population”) is a French Jewish humanitarian organization that assisted Jewish refugee children before, during and after World War II.