33 73 (HOLOCAUST) Bajo la Cruz Gamada. Narraciones Anti-Nazis. Texts by Michael Gold; Alfred Kantorowicz; Ernesto Ottwalt; Julio E Suárez; Lisandro Diaz; Raúl Capurro. Translated into Spanish by L. Díaz and Raúl Capurro. pp. 63. Browned. Original pictorial wrappers designed by Julio A. Suarez. 8vo. Montevideo, Ediciones Unidas, (1938). $300 - $500 ❧ Rare anti-Nazi tract issued in Uruguay. Only one institutional holding recorded in Worldcat (Deutsche Nationalbibliothek). 74 (HOLOCAUST American home-front). United Jewish War Effort. For Victory, for Freedom. Introduction by Stephen S. Wise and Joseph Tenenbaum. Photographic illustrations. pp. (16). Original printed wrappers. Sm. folio. (New York, 1942). $300 - $500 ❧ Introduction: “The United Jewish War Effort is an emergency organization with a single purpose - to help mobilize the great energies of the Jews of America in a supreme undertaking, of work, generosity and self-sacrifice, in support of our country and our allies in this war to crush the enemies who plot the destruction of all free peoples.” 75 (HOLOCAUST) Sadismo, Sangre y Muerte. Las Atrocidades Alemanas y Vichistas en Francia [“Sadism, Blood and Death. German Atrocities and Vichistas in France.”] Text in Spanish. Many photographic illustrations. pp. 112. Original color pictorial wrappers. 8vo. México, 1944. $400 - $600 ❧ Issued by the Centro de Información y Prensa en México del Gobierno Provisional de la República Francesa, includes a chapter entitled “Las Persecuciones Antisemitas” regarding the persecution of Jews in France.