73 144 (KETHUBAH). PAPERCUT Marriage Contract. Uniting Yechezkel son of Shlomo with Peril daughter of Aharon. Manuscript in Hebrew composed in square script on paper. Signed by the Shochet and Cantor, Shmuel Aryeh b. Dovber and the Maggid, Hillel Ornisky. The Hebrew text at center, although prominently set, is composed within an unusually petite panel. Surrounded by elaborate papercut, featuring a Menorah below and crown above, amidst a multitude of animals and curling foliage, all painted in multiple colors. Traditional Hebrew texts above. The whole set against red cotton backing and housed within elaborate wooden frame. Stained and soiled, few tears. Unexamined out of frame. Kethubah text approx. 3.5 x 4.5 inches (8.9 x 11.5 cm). Kethubah as a whole: 14 x 19.5 inches (35.5 x 49.5 cm). Frame: 25.5 x 28 inches (64.5 x 71 cm). ‘Krol Erman’, 16th Tammuz, 1907. $6000 - $9000 ❧ AN EASTERN EUROPEAN KETHUBAH STRIKINGLY DECORATED IN PAPERCUT FORM, AND WITH THE CENTRAL TRADITIONAL HEBREW TEXT OF A MOST UNCOMMON PETITE APPEARANCE. The location in which this striking Kethubah was composed is possibly the town, where from 1925, R. Yoel Teitelbaum (later of Satmar), presided as Rabbi. It is located in northwestern Romania, near the border with Hungary and is pronounced Krula (in Yiddish), Nagykároly (in Hungarian) and Carei (in Romanian). The following four items (lots 145-48) were received directly from PROF. ALBERT EINSTEIN by the present owner and consignor, and have remained in the owner’s personal possession since Einstein’s death in 1955. The owner has allowed select museums to display and to acquire particular Einstein-related property. Additionally, in 2016 and 2017, certain items were consigned for auction sale by the owner, notably: Einstein’s leather Levi’s jacket (Christie’s London, 13th July, 2016, lot 149) and Einstein’s pipe (Christie’s London, 12th July, 2017, lot 85). The owner has now consigned to Kestenbaum & Company four additional personal items that were directly received from Prof. Albert Einstein. PLEASE NOTE: The successful purchaser will be furnished with paperwork that fully documents the noteworthy provenance of each of these four lots.