62 130 BAMBERGER, SOLOMON. Limud Aruch al Masechet Shabbath [comments culled from the Aruch by R. Nathan Bar Yechiel arranged in the order of Tractate Shabbath]. First edition. THE AUTHOR’S PERSONAL COPY, WITH HIS EXTENSIVE AUTOGRAPH MARGINAL NOTES AND CORRECTIONS. Bound in at the end are a further 24 pages of AUTOGRAPH MANUSCRIPT NOTES by the author displaying wide erudition. ff. (4), 138, (2). Lightly foxed. Contemporary morocco, rubbed. 8vo. Furth, Y. Zammer, 1868. $800 - $1200 ❧ The author (1835-1918), was the son of R. Seligmann Baer (Isaac Dov HaLevi) Bamberger “the Würzburger Rav.” At the time of publication, R. Solomon Bamberger served as a teacher in the Beth Hamidrash of Sulzberg. Later he was appointed Rabbi of Lengnau (Switzerland) and then served various communities in the Alsace. It is interesting to note that despite his father’s opposition to the secessionist policies of R. Samson Raphael Hirsch, the author received a warm Haskama (approbation) in this work from Rabbi Hirsch (see f. 2a). 131 BEN ISH CHAI (Yoseph Chaim ben Eliyahu, Haham of Baghdad, 1835-1909). Eulogy, apparently delivered on 7th Adar, the yohrzeit of Moshe Rabeinu, including Biblical verses of the Jewish People mourning the death of Moshe. Autograph Manuscript in Hebrew. Sephardic cursive hand on paper. Fragment of four pages. Modern elegant blind-tooled calf. 12mo. n.p., n.d. $1500 - $2500 ❧ One of the most renowned of Tzadikim, The Ben Ish Chai was a master Kabbalist whose personal writings are said to be imbued with innate holiness and thus serve as a protection for those who possess them.