43 54 ISAAC BEN JOSHUA. Olath Yitzchak [Jewish Laws in the interrogatory ‘heichi timtza’ style]. FIRST EDITION. Title within historiated architectural border including Priestly hands flanked by rampant lions (Yaari, Printers Marks no. 38). Including an approbation by R. Solomon Ephraim Luntshits (Kli Yakar). The Jews’ College copy. ff. (14), 9-12, 21-68. Browned, stained in places, marginal repairs to last two leaves, opening leaf frayed at margins. Modern cream calf. Sm. 4to. [Vinograd, Prague 145.] Prague, n.p.,1606. $2000 - $3000 ❧ An unusual, novel collection of 843 riddles and problems covering all facets of Jewish law. The style of riddle is often cryptic and requires lateral thinking. Riddle no. 732, based on Ba’al Hatrumoth, asks: “If one has witnesses as to his actions, he loses - without witnesses, he wins.” Riddle no. 832, based on Reishith Chochmah, asks: “When should a scholar not be “tocho ke’baro” - his inside should not be as his outer appearance (two-faced).” Arranged in order of Talmudic Tractates and later Codifiers, with an index of some one hundred subjects.