21 21 MOSHE BEN NACHMAN (NACHMANIDES / RaMBa”N). [Derashath Torath Hashem Temimah (“A Sermon on the Principles of Torah.”)] Manuscript in Hebrew, written in semi-cursive Sephardic hand, on paper. ff. (15). Browned and dampsoiled, worming repaired along inner margins. Modern vellum-backed boards; slip-case. Sm. 4to. Spain, 15th century. $15,000 - $20,000 ❧ A MOST IMPORTANT SERMON DELIVERED BY THE RAMBA’N. The manuscript bears a heading on the opening page: “Sermon by the Ramba’n z’l in the Synagogue of Barcelona.” It contains the essential essence of all of Nachmanides’ philosophical notions drawn from his most important compositions. It is difficult to determine when this sermon was given as no citations are provided. Nonetheless it can be assumed, due to the fact that so many of its ideas are found here, it was some time after Nachmanides had composed his Commentary to the Torah. For a detailed analysis of this manuscript, see C. D. Shavel, Kithvei Rabeinu Moshe ben Nachman (Mosad Harav Kook, 1963) pp. 139-74.