88 126 LEVIEN, HARRIET. Autograph Letter Signed, written to ISAAC LEESER. Text in English and Hebrew. Written by a member of a pioneer Jewish family in south-eastern Australia, who, with little local Jewish infrastructure available to her, seeks out Leeser to respond to her questions concerning Jewish matters. Four pages. (Detailed description available upon request). Geelong, Victoria (Australia), 17th October,1859. $2000 - $3000 ❧ This letter sent to Philadelphia from Australia shows the breadth of Isaac Leeser’s contacts and how influential were his activities. 125 GROUP OF EIGHT Autograph Letters Signed, all by West Coast correspondents, seven of which are written to ISAAC LEESER. Texts in English and Hebrew. V.p, 1853-66. $3000 - $5000 ❧ These letters give a taste of life on the Frontier in general, and Jewish life specifically. One correspondent to Leeser from Santa Fe NM, tells how he has sought to obtain subscribers to the Occident, however “there are only a few Israelites scattered thro this Territory.” * Several letters are from San Francisco, where the amenities and Jews are not lacking. * One letter is from H. A. Henry, an English-born rabbi keeping the Orthodox faith alive out West, who somewhat gleefully informs Leeser that while the Orthodox community grows, the new Reform synagogue can barely get a minyan on Friday night. * Morris Lowenstein from Albuquerque, writing to his cousin Minnie: “You have no idea how lonely it is in this place where I am passing away some of my existence without either pleasure or contentment. The only think [sic] in this country is the climate, which has my attraction, as it is healthy - for society, or entertainment, or even a nice scenery you must not look for in this country.