51 61 (LITURGY). Seder Tephiloth mikol Hashanah [prayers for week, Sabbath and Festivals, Marriage, Milah, Tikun Chatzoth, etc.] According to the custom of the Ari, R. Yitzchak Luria. Edited and prepared by the Alter Rebbe, R. SHNEUR ZALMAN OF LIADI. Includes a Hagadah for Passover. FIRST EDITION of additional Chassidic material on prayer not included in previous editions. Complete in two volumes. Partially printed on green tinted paper. Occasional marginal notations. Despite a few imperfections, A FINE COPY. Vol. I: ff. (3), 6-169. Final page with manuscript note stating that the purpose of Aliyah Laregel is to emphasis the importance of Ahavath Yisroel. * Vol. II: ff. 162. Some staining, few leaves with expert paper repairs. Modern gilt-tooled royal-blue morocco; housed in solander-box. 4to. [Vinograd, Berditchev 76; Habermann, Sha’arei Chabad 138; A. Yaari, HaDefus Ha’Ivri Be’Berditchev, in: Kiryath Sepher, Vol. XXI, p. 114, no. 26; Y. Yudlov in “HaSiddur” (edited by G. Oberlander and N. Greenwald) p. 315; Stefansky, Chassiduth 410.] Berditchev, Samuel ben Issacher Ber Segal,1818. $50,000 - $60,000 ❧ A FUNDAMENTALLY IMPORTANT CHASSIDIC SIDDUR. A RARE COMPLETE COPY.