81 111 (HOLOCAUST) Archive belonging to Jewish refugees in Shanghai. German-born Eleanore (Leah) Meyer-Edeltuch and Mir Yeshiva student Shmuel Edeltuch. of possessions relating to the Mrs. Edeltuch’s youth in Erfurt and Berlin, and her sojourn in Shanghai as a World War II refugee. Mr. Edeltuch was a student in the famed Mir Yeshiva and a war-refugee in Shanghai. Includes: * Eleanore’s school-books from both Germany and Shanghai, including secular and religious studies. Texts in Hebrew, German and English. Illustrated. * Report-Cards from Eleanore’s Jewish schools in both Germany and Shanghai. * Girls Friendship Albums. Entries in German and English. * Courting-letters between the young couple, written in Yiddish. * Their Marriage-contract. Shanghai, November 29, 1946. * Shanghai identity-cards and bank savings-books. * Hebrew religious book belonging to Shemuel Edeltuch. All printed in Shanghai. * Travel documents: Shanghai-New York. * Steamer-trunk (with traveler’s name and passage to New York painted). 1930-48 $4000 - $6000 Eleanore Meyer (1926-2014) was born in Erfurt and moved with her family to Berlin. Immediately following Kristallnacht they found safety in distant Shanghai. There, Eleanore was able to resume her studies and attended the Shanghai Jewish Youth Association and Beis Ya’akov Seminary. In 1946 she became engaged to Shmuel Edeltuch, a Polish-born refugee and diligent student of the Mirrer Yeshiva. In 1947 the couple emigrated to the United States and settled in New York, where they spent the rest of their lives in an Orthodox milieu, raising a family steeped within their traditional religious heritage. FURTHER DETAILS, AND INVENTORY OF CONTENTS OF THIS LOT AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST.