24 24 SHLOMO IBN ADRET (RaSHB’A). Torath HaBayith HaKatzar [dietary laws]. Manuscript in Hebrew written in a semi- cursive Spanish hand, on vellum. ff. (53). Some staining, fraying on the first and final leaves, loss of final line of f.47, pricked along outer margin for ruling. Modern vellum. Sm. 4to. Spain, Late 14th century. $20,000 - $30,000 ❧ A fundamental Halachic work by the Rashb’a - R. Solomon ibn Adereth (1235–1310), the primary disciple of the Ramba’n. This particular manuscript, written in 14th-century Spain, contains variants from the printed edition. It commences here with the fifth Bayith, fourth Gate. On ff. 51b-53a are songs and prose. See Davidson, Otzar no. 2152.