32 34 (ASCHENBURG, SHIMON). Mesorath HaMikra [index of Biblical verses explained in the Talmud]. Issued without a title-page. Final leaves contain an alphabetical listing of Mishnaic chapter headings utilized for study in memory of the deceased. ff. 50 (of 52). Lacks first and final leaf. Closely shaved, stained in places. Modern calf. Tall 8vo. [Vinograd, Lublin 18; Steinschneider Cat. Bodl. 7195,5 (opus nostrum rarissimum).] Lublin, (Eliezer Ben Yitzchak),1572. $2000 - $3000 ❧ Unusual oblong format. Exceptionally rare. Only one recorded copy located; presently housed in the Bodleian Library, Oxford. 35 ASHER ANSHEL OF CRACOW (Attributed to). Sepher shel Rabi Anshel… Mirkeveth Hamishnah. Second edition. Title within architectural border. ff. 113. Trimmed and stained, few paper repairs. Modern calf. Sm. 4to. [Vinograd, Cracow 91; Mehlman 1367.] Cracow, Isaac Prostitz,1584. $1000 - $1500 ❧ An alphabetical concordance and glossary of the Bible, with references and Yiddish translations. The Mirkeveth Hamishnah is the earliest book extant printed in Yiddish, the first edition of which appeared in Cracow in 1534. 36 (ASTRONOMY) Abraham bar Hiya. Tzurat Ha’Aretz. Ashpira Hagadol (called Maroth Ha‘Ofanim). Sepher HaGalgal. Edited by Jonathan of Rozinai. FIRST EDITON. Title within architectural arch featuring Moses and Aaron, with cherubs flanking a zodiac sphere. Numerous woodcut illustrations of spherical charts, mathematical, geometrical figures and astronomical illustrations. ff. [3], 64. Stained in places. Contemporary boards, rebacked. 4to. [Vinograd, Offenbach 44.] Offenbach, Bonaventura de la Naye,1720. $500 - $700 ❧ The author (d.1136) was a Spanish philosopher and mystic, considered the principal source of geographical knowledge among the Jews of the Middle Ages. “(Abraham bar Hiya) was the first philosopher to write in Hebrew and the first to present Ptolemaic astronomy extensively in that language. Accordingly, he made important contributions to the Hebrew philosophical and scientific lexicon” (B. Levy, Planets, Potions and Parchments: Scientifica Hebraica (1990) no. 23).