34 39 (BIBLE, Hebrew). Former Prophets. Text, alongside commentary of David Kimchi (Rada’k). FIRST EDITION with Kimchi’s commentary. Printed in double columns. Woodcut initials and headpieces. The first word of each Book of the Bible richly historiated with floral and historiated motifs. Scattered marginalia. The Israel Mehlman copy. ff. 146 (of 167). Book of Joshua (ff. 1-21) supplied in facsimile. Books of Judges, Samuel, Kings ALL COMPLETE. Upper portion of few leaves laid to size, some light staining. Modern calf, slip-case. Folio. [Vinograd, Soncino 14; Offenberg 27; Goff Heb-22; Thesaurus A-31; Steinschneider p.1 no.3; Wineman Cat. 18.] Soncino, Joshua Solomon ben Israel Nathan Soncino,1485. $30,000 - $40,000 ❧ Printed just before the Soncino Family’s flight to Casal Maggiore, the present Early Prophets with the commentary of David Kimchi (RaDa”K), completed the House of Soncino’s first Biblical text. See D. Amram, the Makers of Hebrew Books in Italy (1909) pp. 60-61.