83 115 (ZIONISM - Balfour Declaration). The Jewish Chronicle. 6th July, 1917 - 28th December, 1917. Brittle. Library boards. Folio. London, 1917. $400 - $600 ❧ Containing almost six months of weekly issues of The Jewish Chronicle, this volume includes Anglo-Jewry’s delighted response to the news of the British government’s announcement of support for the establishment of a “national home for the Jewish people” in Palestine. Referencing what became known as the Balfour Declaration, the editor commented: “With one step the Jewish cause has made a great bound forward. The declaration of His Majesty’s Government as to the future of Palestine in relation to the Jewish people marks a new epoch for our race.” (See issue of 9th November, 1917, page 5). 116 (AFRICAN-AMERICANA). Zishe Bagish. Dos Gezang fun Neger-Folk “The Song of the Negro.” FIRST EDITION. Text entirely in Yiddish. In two parts: Translation by Bagish of Langston Hughes’ poetry, along with African-American spirituals and related folk-songs. One of 500 copies. Cover illustration by Y. Tinovitzki. THIS COPY INSCRIBED, SIGNED AND DATED (BUCHAREST, 1936) BY THE AUTHOR. ff. (5), pp. 13-44, ff. (2). Original pictorial wrappers. 12mo. Sighet-Maramures (north-western Romania), Tip.”Centrala” / Chicago, M. Ceshinsky,1936. $1000 - $1500 ❧ AN UNCOMMON LINKAGE BETWEEN THE WORLDS OF YIDDISH AND AFRICAN-AMERICAN LITERATURE. Zishe Bagish (the adopted name of B. Vaysman) was born in Lodz into a rabbinical family but grew to become ideologically tied to Communism. He lived in Belgium, France and Romania and in 1938 settled in Bialystok. When the Nazis took over the town from the Soviets, Bagish was thereafter deported to Auschwitz where he gave up his life to save others. (See Yiddishe-Lexikon). A RARE FIRST EDITION. ONLY A SINGLE COPY RECORDED IN WORLDCAT. Lot 115 Lot 116