35 40 (BIBLE, Hebrew). Biblia Rabbinica - Mikra’oth Gedoloth. Pentateuch with Targum and Masoretic notes, and commentaries of Rashi, ibn Ezra and Ba`al HaTurim. Prophets with commentaries of Rashi, Radak, Ralbag and Rabbeinu Yeshayah. Four parts bound in four volumes, all complete. Four titles within woodcut architectural arch. Opening word of each Book within a decorative woodcut border. The Valmadonna set. * Vol. I (Pentateuch): ff. (6), 228, (Five Megilloth) ff. 819-861, (Targum Yerushalmi) ff. 8. Final page laid down. * Vol. II (Early Prophets): ff. (1), 234-441 * Vol. III (Later Prophets): ff. (1), 442-685. Marginal repairs to title. Marginalia. * Vol. IV (Hagiographa): ff. 687-817, (Five Megiloth bound in Vol. I), 863-926. Following ff. 926 are ff. 889-949, (1): Mesorah Gedolah and final leaf consisting of poem by Elijah Levi Bachur. Trace worming to final few leaves. Occasional staining, previous owners’ marks. Uniform modern vellum. Folio. [Vinograd, Venice 328; Habermann, Bomberg 192; Darlow & Moule 5093; Adams B-1225.] Venice, Daniel Bomberg-1546-48. $6000 - $9000 ❧ THE THIRD AND FINEST EDITION OF BOMBERG’S RABBINIC BIBLE. 41 (BIBLE). Biblia Sacra Polyglotta. Edited by Brian Walton. Text in nine languages. Six volumes. With engraved frontispiece, additional title, maps, plans and tables. Worn and stained in places. Contemporary calf. Tall folio. Sold not subject to return. [Vinograd, London 7.] London, Thomas Roycroft,1655-57. $4000 - $6000 ❧ “The fourth and the last of the great Polyglots; known as the London, or Walton’s Polyglot. The most accurate and best-equipped of the great Polyglots.” Darlow & Moule 1446.