56 67 (MISHNAH). Pirkei Avoth [Ethics of the Fathers]. FIRST EDITION. With commentary by MOSES MAIMONIDES (Ramba’m). ff. 16 (of 47) containing ff. 9-24 only. Stained, each leaf laid to size. Modern boards. 8vo. [Vinograd, Soncino 2; Goff Heb-83; Offenberg 93; S.J. Weiss, Pirkei Avot no. 1.] Soncino, Joshua Solomon ben Israel Nathan Soncino, 1484. $7000 - $10,000 ❧ THE FIRST PRINTED EDITION OF THE ETHICS OF THE FATHERS. This important text of moral philosophy was among the very first few Hebrew books printed by the First Family of Hebrew Printing in the Italian town from which they originated.