22 22 (RABBINICA). Anonymous. Chidushim al Sugyoth HaShas, Tur Choshen Mishpat, Even Ezer. Manuscript in Hebrew, written in a large cursive Aschkenazic hand, on paper. ff. (165, with blank leaves). Slight staining and fraying in the final leaves. Contemporary calf, worn. Tall folio. (Central Europe), 1773. $8000 - $12,000 ❧ UNPUBLISHED. Although the author is unknown, clearly he was a great Talmudic scholar as apparent from the depth of the original novellae found in this large manuscript. Topics dealt with in this volume include Chidushei Kethuboth, Gittin, Shevu’oth, Bava Kama and Tur. Also much original insight to the Ramba’m. The entire manuscript is composed in a particularly large, clear, cursive Ashkenazic script within a ruled border. In regard to the dating of the manuscript, see leaf 41a which begins: “What I have innovated… in the year [5]533 (1773).