115 182 HOOGHE, ROMEYN DE. Jerusalem en Syn Tempel. Hand-colored view. 18.5 x 22.5 inches (47 x 57 cm). Amsterdam, 1687. $2000 - $3000 ❧ A fine, sweeping view of Jerusalem, full of activity and dominated by the Temple, which towers over the rest of the city behind it. King Solomon and the High Priests flank the sides of the engraving above a Dutch key, while various Temple vessels are depicted below. AN EXCELLENT AND RARE ENGRAVING BY THE GREAT ROMEYN DE HOOGH. 183 MOXON, JOSEPH. Jerusalem. Double-page, hand-colored copperplate plan. 15 x 19 inches (38 x 48 cm). [Laor 1084.] Amsterdam, 1671. $1200 - $1800 ❧ A bird’s eye view of Jerusalem, drawn after Nicholas Visscher and translated into English from Dutch by Moxon. This imaginary plan of the ancient city shows the Second Temple, Herod’s Palace and details of its streets and markets surrounded by the outer walls. Lower right shows the anointment of King Solomon; lower left Golgotha on Mt. Cavalry. The legend on the right lists 36 sites of note. This plan of Jerusalem, based on Visscher’s 1643 model (Laor 1155) - which in turn was based on J.H. Stern’s 1630 image (Laor 1137), features “An Explanation” on the right of the map, (whereas Visscher places the key on the left). 184 PLANCIUS, PETRUS / MATHES, D.R.M. Waerachtig beschryving Vande Wydvermaerde Conincklicke Hoof-stadt Ierusalem. Double-page, hand-colored copperplate map. 15 x 22 inches (38 x 56 cm). [Laor 1101.] Leiden, 1609 (or later). $500 - $700 ❧ Depiction of Jerusalem during the Second C ommonwea lt h. Sur rounded by f i fteen medallions depicting Temple vessels and scenes. Unsurprisingly, the plan depicts a city that appears far more similar to contemporary Dutch urban environments than to Roman Jerusalem.