68 88 (UZBEKISTAN). Tafsir Ruth [Biblical Book of Ruth as read on the Festival of Shavuoth]. Hebrew with translation into Judeo-Tajik. Prepared by Rahamim David Bajouf and Azaria Yosofouf. pp. 18. Some staining, closely shaved affecting few letters. Contemporary colored wrappers. 12mo. [Bibliographically unlisted.] Kokand, Rahamim David Bajouf,1915. $400 - $600 ❧ Issued for the Bukharian Community. Possibly the first Hebrew publication in Kokand, a town in Eastern Uzbekistan some 200 miles south of the capital city of Tashkent. Rosenfeld’s Gazetteer of Hebrew Printing only lists a later (1916) publication. 86 (PICART, BERNARD). The Religious Ceremonies and Customs of the Several Nations of the Known World. FIRST ENGLISH LANGUAGE EDITION. Complete in seven volumes bound in six. With hundreds of engraved plates, some double-page or folding, most with multiple subjects. Includes the 25 plates of Jewish historic interest in Vol. I. Two additional plates of the Jews in Vol. VI with wider margins. Touch browned though all plates clean. Two volumes shorter. Contemporary calf, rubbed. Folio. [Rubens, Jewish Iconography nos. 438-57.] London, 1731-39. $5000 - $7000 ❧ ONE OF THE MOST STRIKING ILLUSTRATED BOOKS OF THE 18TH CENTURY. Composed with the object of summarizing religious views and practices worldwide, and written originally in French, this compilation contains valuable and early descriptions of many far-flung peoples. Volumes three and four are dedicated to “ceremonies of the idolatrous nations” with a large section focusing on Native American Indians. The descriptions of people and their practices are exhaustive, including ceremonies, languages, clothing and personal ornamentation, marriage, childbirth, death, etc. Native peoples of Canada, Virginia, Florida, Hispaniola, Mexico, Venezuela, the Caribbean and Peru all receive attention. The “idolatrous nations” section includes the Far and Near East and Africa. Western religions covered, include Judaism, Catholicism, along with Greek Orthodox Catholicism, as well as the Protestant and Anglican religions, and their minor sects. 87 (SURINAM). Benjamin Mussafia. Mosaf Ha’Aruch [supplement of linguistic entries to the Aruch of R. Nathan ben Yechiel with new explanations to the Latin and Greek words cited in the Aruch.] FIRST EDITION. Title within architectural arch. With CALLIGRAPHIC HEBREW INSCRIPTION FROM THE JEWISH COMMUNITY OF SURINAM. ff. 2,193. Lightly browned. Contemporary vellum, some wear. Folio. [Vinograd, Amsterdam 220.] Amsterdam, Immanuel Benveniste,1655. $3000 - $4000 ❧ PROVENANCE: Presented to Ya’akov Rohs from Jewish community of Paramaribo, Surinam. Dated Amsterdam, 24th Sivan, 1893. Ya’akov Rohs was active in Amsterdam’s Pekidim and Amarkalim Society, a charitable fund that disbursed monies for the welfare of the Jews in Eretz Israel. The Jews of Surinam were likely connected to Rohs as a conduit for sending contributions to their brethren in Jerusalem from far-away Paramaribo.