52 The prayer rites of R. Isaac of Luria (Nusach Ha’Ari) was by and large adopted by the Chassidic world very early in its development. Although each individual worshipper is obligated to follow the customs of his own family (corresponding to one of twelve gates that lead towards Heaven), Chassidic Rebbes championed the Nusach Ha’Ari as a thirteenth, all-inclusive gate (Sha’ar HaKollel), and thus can be utilized by all - regardless of past variant family practices. R. Shneur Zalman of Liadi (1745-1813) was deeply committed to the promulgation of the Nusach Ha’Ari to his followers. The present edition was published with the sanction and approval of the second Lubavitcher Rebbe - the Mittler Rebbe, by his son R. Menachem Nachum and his son-in-law R. Yekuthiel Zalman. The title states: “We have added ten boygen (gatherings)…on Prayer [from the writings of the Alter Rebbe] not included in previous editions.” This specific version of the Nusach Ari Siddur is known within Chabad circles as the “Siddur im DA’Ch” - DA’Ch serving as an acronym for Divrei Elokim Chaim, (“Words of the Living God.”) The Siddur contains lengthy Chassidic discourses and Kavanoth (meditations) not found in other such versions. Such a Siddur was used primarily by ultra- pious Chabad “Ovdim,” individuals who would pray with intense contemplation for a great many hours at a time. While the first edition of the Siddur im DA’Ch was issued two years prior in Kopust THIS RARE BERDITCHEV EDITION CONTAINS MUCH ADDITIONAL, IMPORTANT MATERIAL.