39 48 (HAGADAH) Beith Chorin. With commentaries culled from Moshe Alsheich, Gevuroth Hashem by the MaHaRa”L of Prague and Oleloth Ephraim by R. Ephraim of Luntschitz. Additional engraved title. Numerous copper-engraved illustrations. FOLD-OUT MAP OF THE HOLY LAND with ten border vignettes relating to the Tabernacle. ff. (2), 64, (1). Stained, few neat paper repairs. Modern calf. 4to. [Yudlov 251; Yaari 162.] Metz, Mose May,1767. $3000 - $5000 ❧ THE FIRST ILLUSTRATED HAGADAH PRINTED IN FRANCE. Metz, the Lorrainian capital, was once one of the largest and most prosperous Jewish communities of Europe. At the time this Hagadah was published, R. Aryeh Leib ben Asher Ginzberg, known as the Sha’agath Aryeh, had just become the Chief Rabbi of the city, a position he would retain for over two decades.