14 15 (LITURGY). Vidu’im, Techinoth, U’Bakashoth [confessions, supplications and requests]. Manuscript in Hebrew, written in an exquisite square Ashkenazic-Italian hand, on vellum. Form of Menorah on f. 28a. ff. (33). Pricked along outer margin for ruling. Modern half-morocco over vellum, housed in matching solander-box. 7 x 10 cm (3 x 3 3/4 inches). Northern Italy, circa 1400. $40,000 - $60,000 ❧ A pocket-sized collection of prayers and supplications according to the Italian rite. Comprising: [1a]: Vidui, Benyamin ben Zarach, from the prayers for Yom Kippur. (See Davidson, Otzar I no. 6140). [2a]: Poem, Bachaye ben Yoseph (based on his name). (Otzar II no. 964). [3a] Verses to be recited daily, Moshe ben Nachman (Nachmanides). [3b-5b]: Short prayers; confessions, R. Nissim Gaon. (Published in Italian Machzor for Yom Kippur, ShaDa’L edition). [5b-9a]: Supplications for Yom Kippur. (ShaDa’L, Vol. II pp. 144; Otzar II 757). [10a]: Prayer. (Otzar, Mem 735). [12a-23b]: Short prayers, includes: seafarers, sea-storms, at graves of prophets, the righteous and pious. [24a-27a]: Prayers for the Way (Tefilath HaDerech). [27b-28b]: Sod HaMenorah (The kabbalistic secrets of the menorah), beginning with an introduction, followed by a title: “VeZo Tzurath HaMenorah” and the verses of Psalm 67 in the form of a Menorah. An explanation follows beginning with the statement: “Gaze at it and you will see great secrets…” [29a-33b]: Supplications, including one attributed to Maimonides. A VERY FINELY COMPOSED MINIATURE MEDIEVAL LITURGICAL MANUSCRIPT.