101 149 (AMERICAN JUDAICA) Extensive collection of c. 500 Autograph Letters and manuscripts pages, all written in Hebrew. Correspondence is overwhelmingly between Dayan of New York and St. Louis DOV-BER ABRAMOWITZ (1860-1926) along with the Shadar R. YA’AKOV YITZCHAK TEITELBAUM, all written to Chief Rabbi SHMUEL SALANT (1816–1909) and the Vaad Haklali of Jerusalem, concerning fund-raising throughout America for the benefit of the poor and indigent of Eretz Israel. * Includes additional correspondence from many American Rabbis concerning financial contributions sent to Jerusalem. V.p, 1890’s. $5000 - $7000 ❧ IMPORTANT PRIMARY DOCUMENTATION, CONTAINING TREMENDOUS DETAIL, REGARDING THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN THE JEWS OF AMERICA AND THE LAND OF ISRAEL.