95 135 NOAH, MORDECAI MANUEL (1785-1851). Certificate for the import of muscat-wine. Printed document with manuscript additions, SIGNED BY M.M. NOAH in his capacity as Inspector of the Port of New York. One page. New York, 20th February,1830. $1000 - $1500 137 TOBIAS BROTHERS. Group of Twenty Autograph Letters Signed, all written in English. Each with typed transcription. Liverpool, New York, Boston and Richmond, 1823-33. $1000 - $1500 ❧ The Tobias brothers, T. I. and D. I., were merchants exporting goods varying from fabric to pocket-watches, from England to Richmond, VA, where T. I. Tobias partnered with one David Judah. These letters are business transactions, but abound with brotherly affection - the brothers regularly address and sign the letters to each other as “Brother Tob.” The state of business in general is discussed, and sometimes they wax almost philosophical: “You are now near 50 years old and ought to know Mankind” writes one brother to the other. 136 PICK, DOV. Hebrew Poem. Addressed on verso: “To the respectable member Trustees K”K She’eirith Yisrael, New York.” Single leaf, brown ink on paper. Written in Hebrew square script in a striking arrangement. Marginal losses, heavy folds. 12 x 7 inches. New York, 26th Tishrei,1814. $1200 - $1800 ❧ This poem of moral instruction commences: “Wake up from your sleep and remove your sins.” The bold sidebar reads: “Ani Dov-Ber ben M[oreinu] H[arav] R. Yeshaya.” Each line cleverly starts with the same letters.