15 16 (LITURGY). Machzor LePesach Minhag Aschkenaz [prayer-book for Passover]. Rite according to Aschkenazi custom. Manuscript in Hebrew, written on vellum in a medieval square Aschkenazic hand in black, with occasional use of red ink. Very fine use of many original, calligraphic flourishes. ff. (147). Opening few leaves rubbed, occasional staining and light wear, many leaves pricked for ruling. Modern calf; with slipcase. 8vo. Germany(?), Late 13th century. $80,000 - $100,000 ❧ A BEAUTIFULLY COMPOSED, COMPLETE MEDIEVAL MACHZOR This prayer-book contains the full liturgy for the Passover Festival, including all Torah Readings and Haphtaroth. Finely composed with large initial words throughout, including decorative letters (f. 91a). Contains many piyutim including Apik Ranan Veshirim by Meshulam ben Kalonymus. For the Torah reading on the first day Pesach, the name Moshe ben Yoseph HaKohen appears (f. 42b). Likewise, the letters of the name Moshe are highlighted on f. 8b - alluding to the name of the scribe. A Machzor for Sukoth by the same scribe and with the same allusions is presently in the Russian State Library, Moscow (Ginzburg ms. no. 711). Previous owners: “An acquisition by payment Todros Sagri, resident of Pinerolo (Italy) from R. Samuel Kunyan” (f. 1a). “Asher ben Mordechai z”l Hy”d from Montagnana (Italy) Elul [5]272 (=1512)” (f. 100b).