90 129 GROUP OF EIGHT Autograph Letters Signed, all written to ISAAC LEESER, theological and communal matters. Texts in English, German and Hebrew. V.p, 1850-1865. $3000 - $5000 ❧ Includes: * A plea from Katherine Ritterman, an Agunah in Vienna, whose husband traveled to the United States where he found work as a chazan in Syracuse and then vanished. She requests that Leeser use his network of connections, and the pages of the Occident to help locate him: “You will understand the painful and distressing situation in which I find myself. I remained here without any means whatsoever… and I am burdened with the sorrows about my husband who, all of a sudden, has gone. This is often bringing to to the brink of despair.” Leeser placed a notice in the Occident (XXIII:3, May 1865) that reads: “Information Wanted Respecting the present residence of the Rev. Mr. Ritterman, as a friend in Vienna wishes to hear from him. Please address I. Leeser, Philadelphia.” * Letter from Julius Eckman (1805-74), a rabbi and journalist who would eventually settle in San Francisco and found The Weekly Gleaner, the first Jewish newspaper on the West Coast. Here Eckman defends himself to Leeser, who a year earlier had called him “a pious and enlightened reformer; not one of your ‘modern school reformers’ whose actions are guided by mercenary motives and selfish designs.” It seems Leeser’s opinion had soured. Eckman begins his letter by quoting Leviticus 19:12 in Hebrew “Thou shalt surely rebuke thy neighbour, and not bear sin because of him.” * With another Autograph Letter by Julius Eckman entitled: “To the Jewish Public.” With nine lines in Hebrew. One page (torn). * Letter from Aaron Guinzburg (1812-73), Prague-born rabbi of Fell’s Point (MD) Hebrew Friendship Congregation Oheb Israel. Informs Leeser that his attempt to sell religious books on consignment weren’t very successful. * Letter from Leon Cohen on behalf of the Board of Managers of K[ehal] K[odesh] Beth El Emeth granting permission to use the synagogue basement for the High Holy Days and the autumn.