—  Advice to Prospective Purchasers  — 1.  Prospective purchasers are encouraged to inspect property prior to the sale. We would be pleased to answer all queries and describe items in greater detail. 2.  Those unable to attend the sale, Kestenbaum & Company will execute bids on the buyer’s behalf with care and discretion at the lowest pos- sible price as allowed by other bids and any reserves. Commission bids must be received no less than two hours before the auction commences. Successful bidder will be notified and invoiced following the sale. 3.  Bidding may also be placed via telephone or via the internet. All such arrangements must be made 24 hours before the sale commences. 4.  In order to avoid delays, buyers are advised to make arrangements before the sale for payment. If such arrangements are not made, checks will be cleared before purchases are released. Invoice details cannot be changed once issued. 5.  We have made arrangements with an independent shipping company to provide service which will be charged at cost. 6.  We are not responsible for purchases left on our premises 90 days from their date of sale. ❧ Kestenbaum & Company undertakes Collection Appraisals for insurance, estate tax, charitable and other purposes. Relevant fees will be refunded should items be subsequently consigned for sale. ❧ We are currently accepting consignments for future auctions. Terms are highly attractive and payment timely. To discuss a consignment, please contact: Daniel E. Kestenbaum Tel: 212 366-1197 • Fax: 212-366-1368