121 265 HUNGARIAN BRITH MILAH CHAIR OF ELIJAH. Kisei shel Eliyahu. Biedermeier style love-seat. H: 48 inches, L: 43.5 inches, W: 25 inches. Békés, 1910. 1910. $10,000 - $15,000 ❧ At Jewish circumcision ceremonies, a special chair is set aside for the use of the Prophet Elijah who is believed to sit alongside the Sandek, the godfather who holds the baby on his knees, during the performance of the Brith Milah. This special chair is inscribed in Hebrew along the back, stating that it was presented to Congregation Shomrei Hadath in the town of Békés (Békéscsaba, Eastern Hungary, alongside the border with Rumania). It was donated by Menachem and Madam Masha Koralak in the year 1910.”