65 150 (HOLOCAUST). Carp, Matatias. Sarmas - Una Din Cele Mail Oribile Crime Fasciste [“Sarmas - One of the Most Horrible of Fascist Crimes.”] FIRST EDITION. Text in Romanian. Photographic illustrations and lists of victims. Title-page with inscription signed by the author: “To Moise Leivandman, the secretary of Jewish sufferings in Transnistria. With thoughts of good friendship. From the general secretary of Jewish suffering in Romania. 8.v.945” [VE Day]. pp. 47. Original color pictorial stiff wrapers. 4to. Bucharest, 1945. $400 - $600 ❧ Important account of the massacre in Sarmas, Eastern Transylvania. See http://motlc.wiesenthal.com/site/pp.asp? c=gvKVLcMVIuG&b=395185. Lot 150 Lot 151 Lot 152 151 (HOLOCAUST). Ferenc Ábrahám & Endre, Kussinszky (eds). Three volumes of Hungarian People’s Tribunal post-War Trials. A vád, a vallomások és az ítélet [“The Prosecution, the Confession and the Verdict.”] * A Bárdossy per. Two parts in one. pp. 32 and pp. 64. With newspaper cuttings tipped in. * A Szálasi-per. pp. 192. * Az Imrédy-per. pp. 127. Browned. Original pictorial wrappers, light wear. 8vo. Budapest, Hiradó Könyvtár, 1945. $500 - $700 ❧ Post-war legal accounts of: Hungarian Prime Minister László Bárdossy de Bárdos, Arrow Cross leader Ferenc Szálasi and Hungarian Prime Minister Béla Imrédy. In 1945-6, each was tried and subsequently executed for war crimes committed during World War II. 152 (HOLOCAUST). KZ - Bildbericht aus fünf Konzentrationslagern [“Photo Report from Five Concentration Camps.”] FIRST EDITION. German text. 44 black-and-white photographs. pp. (32). Original printed wrappers, light wear, central crease. Lg. 4to. n.p., American War Information Unit, (1945). $1000 - $1500 ❧ “This book… may represent the single most significant use of photography as a witness in the medium’s history” (Martin Parr, The Photobook: A History, Vol. I, p. 194). This important volume, the first of its kind, was distributed in Germany by the American War Information Unit at the conclusion of World War II, in order to impress upon the civilian population the severity of the war crimes committed by the Nazis in the name of the German people. The concentration camps represented within are: Buchenwald, Belsen, Gardelegen, Nordhausen and Ohrdruf. The final images are of General Dwight Eisenhower witnessing the horrifying sights found in Ohrdruf. HOLOCAUST: See also Lots 217-220