102 221 (ISRAEL, LAND OF) Zionist Pioneer: A profile-portrait. Hebrew quote from Psalms 126 above: “Hazorim Bedimah Berinah Yiktzoru” [“They who sow in tears shall reap with songs of joy.”] Wood carving. 14.5 x 20.5 inches. Cracked and with some wear. Framed. Late 19th-century. $8000 - $10,000 ❧ This striking artwork is a rare legacy from the very dawn of Zionism - most certainly pre-Herzlian. The artist left the piece unsigned, recording just a single Hebrew letter (“Daled”) as an indication of who might have created it. It has been suggested that this artwork was produced in Odessa, the port city in the Ukraine in which the Hovevei Zion movement was central and the ships’ departure point for many Jewish immigrants to Palestine. 222 (BEZALEL) The Old City of Jerusalem. Featuring Temple Mount (Har HaBayit) and surrounding buildings. Colored stencil on velvet. With stamp “Bezalel, Jerusalem.” Laid onto board. 21 x 52/5 inches. Jerusalem, early 20th century, $3000 - $4000 Lot 221 Lot 222 — Gr a p h i c & Fi n e Ar t — —