101 218 (HOLOCAUST). Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. Gelatin silver press photograph, dated 22/12/45 and with typed press captions on verso. 4 x 5.5 inches. (1943) printed 1945. $2000 - $3000 ❧ One of the most universally recognized, and perhaps the single most iconic photograph from the Holocaust period. It shows Jews, including the young boy with his hands raised, who were captured by the German SS during the suppression of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, Spring, 1943. The photograph was included in the Stroop Report which was prepared for SS chief Heinrich Himmler by General Juergen Stroop recounting the uprising and the eventual liquidation of the Warsaw Ghetto. This photograph was entered into evidence at the Nuremberg Trials. 219 (HOLOCAUST). Group of six contemporary press photographs pertaining to the Holocaust. All with press markings on versos. * Berlin Synagogue burning on Kristallnacht. * Polish Jews being rounded up by German soldiers. * Female SS guards in Belsen concentration camp. * Portrait of Eichmann prior to the opening of his trial in Jerusalem. * Anne Frank. * Young German-Jewish refugees in London prepare to leave for Melbourne. v.s. 1938-61. $600 - $900 Lot 218 Lot 219 Lot 220 220 (GERMANY). “Jews Quarter, Frankfurt, 1875.” Albumen vintage print (8 x 10 inches) mounted on card and captioned in a contemporary hand below. 1875. $500 - $700 ❧ Established in 1462, the Frankfurter Judengasse was one of the earliest ghettos in Germany. Due to crowded conditions most Jews left the former ghetto during the 19th century and settled in nearby suburbs. The neighborhood, though historic and picturesque, became rundown the city razed the desolate buildings on the west side of the street (as seen in the present photograph). By the end of the 19th century most of the historic buildings in the Judengasse had been demolished.