105 225 MANE-KATZ Klezmer Musicians. Gouache on paper. Signed by the artist lower right. Finely framed by Max Granick. 15 x 19 inches (to frame). Ukrainian/French, (1894-1962), $3000 - $5000 226 KLEINMAN, ZALMAN Torah Study. Oil on Canvas. 23 x 35.5 inches. Framed. (New York), n.d. $3000 - $5000 ❧ Russian-born Zalman Kleinman (1933-95) was a Chabad Chossid who expressed his Chassidic fervor by way of his art. Kleinman was encouraged to paint by the Lubavitcher Rebbe, who stated, “Art adds another dimension of feeling to one’s spiritual commitment.” See The Chassidic Art Institute Catalogue, Zalman Kleinman: Paintings (New York, 2001). Lot 226 Lot 225