52 127 TREVES, ISAAC BEN MORDECHAI GERSHON Shlom Esther [commentary to the Book of Esther]. FIRST EDITION. Title surrounding by five florets. Wider margins. ff. (32). Previous owner’s marks, later printed typographic element pasted to opening and closing page. Bound in Valmadonna-custom blind-tooled mahogany calf featuring additional gilt flourishes. 12mo. [Vinograd, Const. 254; Mehlman 663.] Constantinople, (Solomon & Joseph Yavetz, c. 1575). $4000 - $6000 Lot 128 Lot 129 Lot 126 126 (TALMUD, JERUSALEM.) Tractate Shekalim. With commentary of R. Jacob ben Samson of Cracow. DELUXE COPY, PRINTED ENTIRELY ON BLUE PAPER. ff. 48 (i.e. 49), (1). Stamp on title. Recent boards. 8vo. Housed in Valmadonna-custom solander-box. [Vinograd, Amsterdam 1307.] Amsterdam, Moshe Frankfurt, 1727. $600 - $900 ❧ RARE, BIBLIOPHILIC EDITION. PRINTED ENTIRELY ON BLUE PAPER. See Treasures of the Valmadonna Trust Library - Otzroth Ya’akov, Colored Paper no. 38. ❧ The Author was a member of a rarified family that produced scores of scholars, rabbis and communal leaders. It is assumed the family’s origins were Troyes, France, the birthplace of Rashi, from where it spread throughout Italy and Germany. Another branch of the Treves family is found in Turkey at the end of the 15th century from where a number went to Eretz Israel. Isaac b. Mordechai Gershon was a descendant of this branch, whose home was Safed and where R. Isaac was a disciple of the celebrated R. Moshe Alsheich. Later he was appointed rabbi in Constantinople (1583) and from there, went to Venice where he served on its Beth Din. He also became renowned as a proofreader and publisher of the works of the scholars of Safed. See the exchange of articles concerning Isaac Treves between I. Sonne and D. Tamar in Kiryath Sepher, Vol. XXXIII (1958) pp. 377-8 and Vol. XXXIV (1959) p. 136. Lot 127 128 WEIL, JACOB (MaHaR”Y Weil). Shechitoth U’Bedikoth [laws of ritual slaughter and examination.] With commentary by Solomon Luria (the MaHaRSHa”L). Title within engraved architectural arch. Verse above title: “Offer up sacrifices of righteousness” (Psalms 4:6). Images of slaughterer’s knife on f. 4. ff. 9 (of 10), final leaf supplied in facsimile. Bound in Valmadonna-custom full calf. Housed in fitted slip-case. Sm. 4to. [Vinograd, Venice 938.] Venice, Di Gara, 1601. $1000 - $1500 ❧ Intended primarily as a practical guide for ritual slaughterers, the work therefore does not include Halachic sources. The Author simply provides final rulings in a straight-forward fashion, as well as local custom where fitting. Shechitoth U’Bedikoth was indispensable to every community rabbi and was reprinted dozens of times over the centuries becoming fully authoritative throughout the Ashkenazic world. See EJ, Vol. XVI, col. 395. 129 YA’ABETZ, ISAAC BEN SOLOMON. Sepher Chasdei Avoth [commentary to Ethics of the Fathers]. FIRST EDITION. Decorative florets. ff. 110 (of 114) opening four leaves provided in facsimile, f.5 and final leaf heavily worn, stained in places, few marginal paper repairs. Bound in Valmadonna-custom deep cherry morocco, spine in compartments, titled on spine in gilt. Housed in fitted slip-case. 4to. [Vinograd, Const. 282; Mehlman 133; S.J. Weiss, Pirkei Avot no. 26.] Constantinople, Solomon and Joseph Ya’avetz, 1583. $1000 - $1500