73 165 (ISRAEL, STATE OF). A Complete Set of Signers of the Declaration of Independence of the State of Israel. Thirty-one typed statements in English with autograph signatures below. With six Autograph Letters Signed, five in Hebrew and one (Ben-Gurion) in English. COMPREHENSIVE LISTING AND CONTENT SUMMARY AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST. Housed in folder. Sm. folio. (1958-). $20,000 - $30,000 ❧ SIGNERS OF ISRAEL’S PROCLAMATION RECALL THE HISTORIC EVENTS OF MAY 14, 1948. In Tel Aviv, on Sabbath Eve, the 14th day of May (5th Iyar) 1948, thirty-seven individuals signed their names to Israel’s Proclamation of Independence, collectively bringing the State of Israel into existence and writing themselves into world history. In commemoration of Israel’s Tenth anniversary, Justin Turner of Los Angeles, a founder of MGM Studios and early supporter of the State of Israel Bonds, engaged Israeli journalist Eliezer Wartman to interview each living Signer and discuss their recollections of events on that historic day. Wartman taped the interviews, prepared transcriptions, and subsequently returned to each interviewee to have them examine his reports for accuracy, after which, each signed a one-page English-language excerpt, which highlighted each interview. The present collection consists of these typed English statements, each of which contains the signature (majority signed in both English and Hebrew) of the interviewee/signer. The three signers who died prior to 1958 are represented by letters written earlier. The collection poignantly captures the moods and memories of the Signers and is an enlightening as well as inspiring historical record.